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With the costs of materials increasing dramatically, more and more people will be turning to DIY as the only way of making those projects affordable.

With summer just around the corner, you may be thinking about giving a few DIY projects a go. There are lots of jobs that, with the right tools and guidance, anyone can try their hand at. Doing these jobs yourself could save you a lot of money, especially in the long run! Plus, learning how to fix little problems in your home is very satisfying! Without further ado, here are a few simple tasks you can try this summer to improve your home!

Simple Tasks

Before you ring up your local handyman, it’s always worth considering whether you could do the job yourself. This can help you stick to a smaller budget, leaving more money in your pocket. Easy DIY tasks that anyone can complete include painting, landscaping, and repairing sticky windows and doors. With a little bit of work, anybody can tackle these tasks, improving your home without much expense! There are plenty of resources out there, but we suggest speaking to a family member or close friend as they will give you impartial advice all based on their own personal experiences. Having someone show you in person or via a video call is the best way to do this. Why waste time searching YouTube or forums, right?

Fix Leaky Taps

We all know how annoying a leaking tap is. From the irritating dripping sound to the increased water bills, leaky taps are a pain! So, what’s stopping you from fixing it? This task is simple and quick, so with the right knowledge anyone can do it. There’s no need to wait for a professional to fit you into their schedule! If you don’t feel confident that you know what you’re doing, check out Quomodi. Quomodi links you up with people who can show you how to do this through a live 1:1 video call. They can talk you through how to fix your leaky tap or any other DIY project you are working on. With guidance from Quomodi helpers, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge you need.

Tiling your Bathroom or Kitchen

Every now and then our bathrooms and kitchens need a refresh. This may seem daunting, conjuring up thoughts of expensive bills to pay a professional to do the work. However, there’s nothing stopping you giving it a go yourself, and you can easily get great results. Often the most difficult part is choosing (and agreeing on!) the colour of the tiles you will use! With a little bit of guidance from a professional via Quomodi, you’ll be all set to get to work. All it will take to save a lot of money is a little self-belief and a bit of hard graft.

Jobs for the Summer

While the summer weather has yet to properly arrive, there are lots of DIY jobs you can plan for the coming months. Repairing decking and landscaping are jobs many of us tackle in the summer months, which, annoyingly, is often when professionals are fully booked! If you don’t yet feel you have the skills to do it yourself, now is a great time to learn. Sign up to Quomodi for free to find someone who will teach you how to do them.

With a little help from Quomodi, it is so easy to get cracking on those DIY projects. All that’s left to do is choose which DIY task to conquer first!

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