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Getting ready for post lockdown Summer 21. Top 10 garden improvements.

When all lockdown restrictions are lifted in July 19th, a good party is in order. We can now start to think about those garden jobs that add value to our summer evenings.

If you didn't find the time to do these last summer, hopefully thinking that the lockdown was eventually going to end, then these warmer days and evenings can provide you with the needed enthusiasm.

10. Patchy Lawn

Golf Course Lawn? Not Likely!

You’ve seen the photos of the American Gardens with golf course lawns. If your garden is a millions miles from this idyllic picture, then start to think about water, food and mowing. Start here for some great hints and tips. From full preparation to fixing those patches.

9. Patio vs Decking

Keep off the Grass.

With those endless summer days getting spoiled by a drop of rain or two. Maybe a safer and more predictable option is to build yourself a small patio or decking area. Keeping that mud on the grass, instead of in your house. Decks have become the easy replacement for the previously loved patio. From the hanging gardens of Babylon, to a small raised area suitable for your outside patio set, a decking can be an easy solution for the budding DIY.

8. The Classic BBQ

Gas or Charcoal?

After the 2020 summer i'm sure you’ve learnt how to make the most of your gardens! Eating alfresco at home has probably been the daily choice to escape from the kitchen table/home office. Is it time to replace that rusted piece of metal with a new BBQ? From another metal bowl to a full fledged garden kitchen, with that premium gas BBQ or is it time to build yourself an outdoor brick BBQ or even, that outside Pizza oven. Perfect summer even, pizza and Prosecco.

7. Gazebo

Shelter from the Sun or Rain.

With your patio or decking completed, the next step could be to add some shelter to your outside eating area. Also, a perfect change in scenery as an alternative location for that summer office, while working from home? Move your office from the dining table to the covered garden table? Gazebos ranging from £70 pop ups to timber framed masterpieces draped with white linen and Ikea solar garden lights.

6. The Hot Tub

The Humble Hot Tub

You’ve mowed your new lawn, stained the new decking and now its time to relax... maybe not just yet.. Maybe you’ve not secured that infamous Corona Passport? So how will you bring the Med, to your back garden? The “hot tub” has evolved from a humble wooden barrel with boiling water, to a full system including, bubbles, lights a sound system, and even a mini projector to catch up on your Netflix binge, from the comfort of your garden. If that sounds out of your budget, then maybe its time to take your DIY skills to the next level?! Its just a wooden box?! Thats well within your skills! I found this link with options on how to build your own. What a summer project that would be!

5. The Fire Pit

Fire Pits

As we know, the British summers are not known for the endless sunshine, they do happen, but not to be guaranteed! So, lets plan for the worst, and hope for the best!

A fire pit or a fire basket, its a just a place to burn some wood. So, it shouldn't be too difficult to make one. Yes or friends at Lidl are bound to start selling them soon, but by the time you get the message, they’ll all be gone!! Happens every year! How is that possible? Do they only make 1 for each store?! Anyway, you don’t need to buy one, there’s plenty of tutorials on how to make one… subject to fire restrictions etc. My biggest tip when researching is to focus on the helpers making “smokeless” pits. Otherwise you’ll be playing musical chairs trying to escape from the plume of smoke, which seems to be attracted to you in particular! This guy is doesn't take himself too seriously. DIY Smokeless Pit.

4. Bushes and Trees

Privacy and Protection

Plant a row of evergreen shrubs or trees along the side of your house for privacy or to act as a windscreen (you'd be surprised at how they can stop your half-empty processco glass from toppling over). Many shrubs or trees grow a few feet each yet, meaning that within a few years you'll have a beautifully private and windproof garden!

3. Outdoor Lights

Touch of Magic!

Outdoor lighting is an amazing way to transform your garden or patio into a magical space where you can relax with your family and friends. You have many things to think about when adding outdoor lighting to your home. Before you buy any products for your space, you should first consider whether you need warm lighting for a quiet space or bright lighting to be used for entertaining (or both!). You'll also need to decide the type of lighting you want to use. Popular options include sting lights, lanterns, sconces and landscape lights.

2. Entertainment

Let me Entertain You!

Whether it’s watching tennis, or watching the latest Netflix release on a warm night, integrating technology like TVs, gaming and sound systems into your outdoor space lets you take your summer entertaining to the next level. Plus, with an outdoor media centre, you can enjoy the fresh air without missing the newest episode of your favourite TV show.

1. Outdoor Cooking

Not just for Scouts!

No matter where you live, entertaining family and friends outdoors is more convenient and more pleasurable when you can cook right where your guests are gathered. Ideally, you'd like an outdoor kitchen to be fully equipped and sheltered in a pavilion, to provide you with added protection from British weather! No doubt just like at a party indoors, everyone always ends up in the kitchen.

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