Do It Yourself! We will help you with a 1:1 Video Call!

Quomodi is a global help desk for everything ”How to" or "How do I"?  Hire a mechanic, a plumber, a builder, an engineer or a sports coach and let them coach you in a live stream on how to do the job yourself.  All from the safety and comfort of your home via a Video Call.

​Fed up scrolling through videos, search results and forums?

Quomodi has created a community of Helpers that use two way video calls to help or teach you "How to".  You will get personalised help with any of your projects or questions, big or small.

​Finding the solution shouldn't be harder than the actual solution

​Describe your problem or tell us what you need help with and the community will contact you with tailor made solutions.  At a time and price that you choose.

​How Quomodi Works

​Step 1

​Post a "How do I" question.

​Step 2

​Review the price and skills

​Step 3

​Book an appointment for a  Video Call

​Step 4

​Learn & Do!

​Post a Job today. It's free!

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What is your Knowledge Worth?

Would you like to earn extra money from the comfort of your home and help others at the same time? Search the jobs available on Quomodi.  Just send them a quote and agree a time.


Just share your knowledge.  Remember, every job is slightly different!