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Quomodi is the easiest way to get help with your DIY project, from start to finish.

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With a video call you can have someone show you how to do anything from fixing a leaky tap to mounting a TV on the wall.

No jargon, no fuss – just clear advice on how to get things done correctly. 

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How it Works

Using Quomodi is simple

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Post a question or project you need help with

Give your estimated availability & price you are willing to pay

Let us know when you are available to take a video call, through our secure platform. You can select more than one time. 


Unlike professionals who "do the job", you tell us how much you are willing to pay for the advice. Once you are signed in, you can see all completed jobs, including what people paid.

Bids from helpers

Post a question or project

Tell us what you need help with.  This might be a DIY project, second opinion, or a home improvement related question. You can post a question for FREE.


No need to spend your valuable time figuring it out online or paying (and waiting) for a professional. 

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Watch the bids from Helpers
come rolling in! 

Once posted, our Helpers will bid for the Job. Bids will not exceed the price you are willing to pay.

Learn & Do! 

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Here we will walk you through HOW to do the project properly. So make sure you have all of your tools and supplies ready and in hand! 

Get the help you need, directly from those that know!

Forget generic answers, Quomodi Helpers are here to help you solve your exact problem, at your price, at your convenience.